Christopher’s Profile

Christopher Lee Franklin Was born in Detroit Michigan in 1974. Christopher graduated from St. Martin DePorres high school in 1992 when he began studying manufacturing engineering at Focus: Hope’s Center for Advanced technologies. Christopher then transferred to Lawrence Technological University where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree in mechanical engineering.

Christopher maintained positions in supervisory and management throughout his career. He then transitioned into entrepreneurship where he successfully operated many businesses in his pursuit of fulfillment. Christopher has been involved in the stock market, the bond market, Cryptocurrency trading and real estate investing. Christopher currently holds a vast real estate portfolio inclusive of single family and multifamily homes throughout the Detroit area.

Christopher began his Journey with Harmony Village 100 as a way to share his investing success and increase his community’s financial independence. Christopher’s Managerial skillset has allowed him to effectively co-partner the day-to-day operations of HV100. He is passionate about closing the wealth gap that exists between his community and the top 10%. Christopher’s determination and passion is unmatched as it relates to closing the wealth gap and he has vowed to do his part in eliminating it altogether.


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